• Peer Review?


Step 1: Author: Author Submits his/her research work to MACAW PUBLICATIONS by online submission on our website (For On Line Submission: Click Here) or
by mail (macawpublications@gmail.com)

Step 2: Editor: All the articles are tested for format and checked for grammatical and formatting mistakes. Not more than 2 mistakes per page are allowed. All papers of the journal are double-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers, and ideally is double-blind reviewed by three or more reviewers

Step 3: Reviewer: Subject Experts will check your work & give the status:
    1. Accepted
    2. Rejected
    3. Accepted with Minor Changes
    4. Accepted with Major Changes
Step 4: Author: If Manuscript is accepted then author have to send the Complete Manuscript, Online Maintenance Charges & Copyright form. The entire format can be downloaded from our website www.ijraset.com

Step 5: Editor: After completion of above mentioned process editor will send manuscript to publisher.

Step 6: Publisher: Publisher will publish the manuscript in current issue.

Step 7: Editor: Editor will inform to Author via E-Mail
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  • E-Mail: macawpublications@gmail.com